Optimized Data Integration Process

Equiant, a financial services company, needed to stabilize their data transformation process. AcePointe was brought in to develop and implement a very robust data transformation and provisioning solution that will allow smooth operation of daily data load from a legacy system into an analytical database. As part of the development effort , AcePointe was able to implement proper Error handling of missing data from source system, Comprehensive logging of errors and package execution, Comprehensive notification of successes/errors as well as details about missing records and next line of action, Ability to reprocess records that were not initially processed during previous execution, Comprehensive data reconciliation email / report displaying balancing issues, Optimization of ETL sub processes from a performance stand point. e.g. Data flow performance, Configurable environment variables with ETL packages which allows seamless deployment across environments. AcePointe was able to eliminate a significant percentage of the problem by designing and developing an online platform that allowed students to manage everything related to their experience at the institute. This platform also eliminated a significant amount of manual effort performed by the administrative staff and instructors. AcePointe was able to work closely with the stake holders to understand the current state, design a future state, analyze the gaps and built a state-of-the-art platform